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MWNF Travel Books

Islamic Art in the Mediterranean | Spain
2019, eBook
2019, Paperback
Title Mudejar Art
Subtitle Islamic Aesthetics in Christian Art
316 pages, 236 colour illustrations, 28 plans
Series Islamic Art in the Mediterranean
Country Spain
Author(s) G.M.Borrás Gualís, P.Lavado Paradinas, R.López Guzmán, Ma P.Mogollón Cano-Cortés, A.M.Martínez, Ma T.Pérez Higuera
Local Coordinator(s) Sandra Stuyck
Photographer(s) Guillermo Maestro Casado, Miguel Rodríguez Moreno
Publisher(s) MWNF, international co-edition
Languages Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Português.
Description MUDÉJAR ART: Islamic Aesthetics in Christian Art reveals the fascinating exuberance of a unique cultural and artistic symbiosis that characterises Christian Spain after the Reconquista. The Mudéjars were Muslims allowed to stay in the reconquered territories. Their artists and artisans strongly influenced the culture and art of the new Christian kingdoms. In Aragon, Castille, Extremadura and Andalucía sumptuously decorated brick churches, monasteries and palaces illustrate perfectly the creative endurance of Islamic forms in Christian art between the 11th and 16th centuries in Spain.
Thirteen Itineraries invite you to discover 124 museums, monuments and sites in Madrid, Guadalajara, Saragossa, Tordesillas, Toledo, Guadalupe and Seville (among others).
236 colour illustrations | 28 plans of monuments | 318 pages
With Index of locations (eBook edition only)
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English version

Paperback [2019, 15 x 22.9 cm, out of stock]
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eBook [2019, ISBN 9783902782151, available]
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